Burst Studio

Burst Studio Client: Burst Studio UK Services: Web design & development, copywriting Platform: Elementor for WordPress Date: March 2023 Visit the site

Rodelle Virtual Assistant Services

Rodelle VA Client: Rodelle Virtual Assistant Services Ltd. Services: Web design & development, copy-editing Platform: Squarespace Date: February 2023 Visit the site

How Will Change in the World’s Biggest Tech Hubs

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Discussing Worker’s Rights In The Gig Economy

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12 quick tips for first-time freelancers

Freelancing can be a great career choice, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into before taking the plunge. Here are 12 tips to help you start building a successful freelancing business.

OLD Zanda Search

Role: Marketing Coach & Communications Consultant | Industry: Executive Search | Year(s): 2020 Overview Zanda is an executive search firm serving European & US markets with hubs in London and New York. They are typically engaged by Series A to Pre-IPO-stage businesses and specialise in Chair, NED, CFO and Senior Finance headhunting. Alicia had an impact […]

Ascension Ventures & Fair By Design Fund

Ascension Ventures_Alicia Burke Portfolio

Role: Platform and Marketing Manager | Industry: Venture Capital | Year(s): 2018 – 2020 Overview Ascension Ventures is an active early-stage UK investor, backing tech and impact startups through its (S)EIS & institutional funds. Ascension’s Fair By Design fund invests in tech businesses tackling the Poverty Premium (unfair costs to lower-income households across essential services). […]

Algorand Europe Accelerator

Algorand Europe Accelerator Role: Head of Marketing     Industry: Blockchain     Year: 2020/2021 The Client Following the success of the Algorand Asia Accelerator, the Algorand Foundation has set its sights on Europe to encourage blockchain development in the region. In partnership with Borderless Capital and Eterna Capital, the Algorand Europe Accelerator (AEA) is a 12-week […]